Diane Ravitch is an outspoken historian of education, as well as a Research Professor of Education at NYU.  She blogged about the Board's decision to close three schools here in Brevard County.
Ken Raviti, a former Chicago teacher, blogs about REAL Education Reform.  Read about his attendance at our March for Education.  

Update May 22, 2013:  Clearlake Middle and South Lake Elementary Schools' last day.

Update June 7, 2013:  Gardendale Elementary Magnet School's last day.  In a disrespectful move,  Brevard Public School employees were disrupting class time during the last week.

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Although we did not convince the Brevard County Public School Board to hold a special election this year, we turn our focus to the future.  We commit to educate the community on Brevard Public Schools and how their decisions affect Brevard as a whole.  We will keep readers apprised on the happenings in our community’s schools, including the next upcoming School Board Member elections in August 2014, as well as the possibility of a 2014 tax referendum.

Update January 29th:  The County Commissioners voted 5-0 to approve a resolution to oppose the proposed school closures by the school board.  See story here.

The March for Education was a great success!  Thank you to everyone for coming out in support of our schools!  We had families in attendance from the following schools:

*Andersen Elementary

*Gardendale Elementary

*Lewis Carroll Elementary

*Longleaf Elementary

*Mims Elementary

*Oak Park Elementary

*Pinewood Elementary

*Sculptor Elementary

*Sea Park Elementary

*Stevenson Elementary

*South Lake Elementary

*Tropical Elementary

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